Online transformation specialist

Delivering a high level of service to regular, busy people looking to build a leaner, stronger physique!

Online transformation specialist

Delivering a high level of service to regular, busy people looking to build a leaner, stronger physique!


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You are one step away from starting your transformation journey.
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Step One
Select which package you feel suits your goal best by selecting from the list below, and book a one-to-one video call with me.

No payment will be taken at this stage.

Step Two
During our call, I’ll tell you all you need to know, what to expect and answer any questions you have.

We’ll then set-up your package.

Step Three
Once completed two things will happen, you will get access to the Alex Searle Fitness Members Area (packed full of helpful resources) and I’ll ask you to fill in my Kick Start Questionnaire which will be sent to your inbox just a few moments later.

Whilst you familiarize yourself with our members resources, behind the scenes I will be getting to work on your plans, having them finalised within 48 hours of you submitting your Kick Start Questionnaire.

Step Four

You’ll receive your bespoke plans and a 30-minute call link, this service is highly personal. This call allows you the chance to ask any questions about the plans before they kick-off and allows me, your personal coach, to refine them based on anything that you forgot in the initial kick start. 


You're not signing your life away, no payment will be taken at this stage.

Package One

£200 pay Monthly

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Package Two

£550 for 3 Months

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Package Three

£1100 for 6 Months

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Select your package to start online training with me, or if you have any questions that you’d like answered, drop me a line today. 

I look forward to helping you smash your goals.

Alex .


Hear what some of my clients have to say.

I help everyday busy people transform their physique, taking a no nonsense pragmatic approach on a training and nutrition plan designed around their goals and lifestyle.

I invite you to learn more by watching and reading just a few of my client success stories.

Before you ask, yes this could be you too.

Anybody can achieve the goals they set out for themselves through the correct guidance, correct programming and sheer determination!

Results that change lives

Don’t just take it from me, watch what some of my amazing clients have to say.

Meet Jenny, and hear her amazing story.

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Meet Jack

Having recently got back into the gym after a year or two off the wagon, I was still pretty used to working out/lifting yet the nutritional side always seemed to be a sticking point.

Thats when I had a chat with Alex where he gave a few pointers of how he would work with myself and then I signed up!

After around 3 months the results speak for themselves for getting me back into shape and even better. Feeling like I have more motivation and energy along with getting stronger week to week are all added bonuses.

Even with a few hurdles along the way with gyms closing and an injury, Alex has been great in getting us to work around it, whether it be little tweaks or just some extra motivation, to keep on track!

The results so far are more than enough to keep cracking on and I cannot wait to see where we can get to!!

Meet Jenny

My journey with Alex has been simply life changing, I know I would have never got the results I have achieved without Alex behind me every step of the way.

I can honestly say it has been worth every aching muscle, every drop of sweat, and every penny spent.

Alex’s sessions are always varied, always technically on point whilst being pushed to the best of my ability, and I’ve constantly been driven forward to the next goal.

I highly recommend Alex to you if you are looking for the ultimate personal training program.

Meet Billy

With the help of Alex I was able to get my nutrition to a very high standard and my training to an intensity which enables me to reach my goals.

At the size I was I would never have thought to ‘cut’ to get into better shape, as my main aim was to bulk but I was just not consistent enough in hitting my daily calorie targets.

Alex has a very wide range of knowledge that he has shared and he has massively helped me in my own training and with clients.

Meet Bryce

Being a regular gym goer I was always is semi-good shape, but could never reach that next level where I wanted to be. I always struggled with my diet which was holding me back and didn’t know how to move forward. This is where I looked towards Alex.

With the help of Alex, he has guided me through the progress of getting to the ‘next level’ with his great knowledge and easy to follow programs. Not to mention the constant support he has given me when needed. Whether it be quick questions or just general advice.

I haven’t even finished my journey yet with Alex and I cannot recommend him highly enough. A pure professional and anyone that is struggling with their fitness goals… this is the go-to guy!

Why Online Personal Training?

Why online personal training?

Online training is a fantastic way for you to work with me, an experienced professional coach with the freedom of being in whatever location your busy diary requires you, as well as training wherever and whenever suits you! 

With your detailed personalised training programme you can train and strive towards your body transformation goals wherever you are in the world!

What sets me apart from the rest?

I pride myself on delivering the highest quality of service to every one of my clients. Everybody is completely unique and individual and should be treated exactly this way… this is precisely the reason I only accommodate for a limited number of clients at one given time. 

I devote 100% of my attention to each individual daily, ensuring everyone is progressing towards their set goals and feel completely confident in the process!


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